Winter School


All year long extracurricular activity

If you’re wishing to start in the Trial Bike Sport, or you just want to improve your technique, don’t think it twice and come to the Trial Evolution School. You’ll have a great time, you’ll have new friends and you’ll enjoy the nature. We divide the groups by ages and levelhas between 5 and 8 kids, always with the supervision of a monitor.

  • All ages allowed
  • Boys and girls
    from 4 years old

  • DNI
  • Federal license

We transact it

  • Tuesday and Thursday:   17:00h – 19:00h
  • Saturday: Advanced groups:  9:00h – 11:00h

Initiation groups:  11:30h – 13:30h

  • Wednesday and Friday:  17:00h – 19:00h

Adult trainings

Each Saturday, from 9 to 11, we organize Trial Bike classes for adults in reduced groups with a monitor. We can rent you too the equipment. For more information sent us an email or just call us!

We organize too individual or groupal trainings outside the usual timetable.


  • Adult trainings
  • Each saturday