The school


The school

Trial Evolution was born in the 2010 as an initiative led by Jordi Yelamos, Trial bike rider for more than 30 years. The main goal of this project is to form future riders, and to improve the technical skills of advanced riders.

The school has awesome facilities, around 12000sqm in St. Antoni de Vilamajor and Vallgorguina, great places with beautiful views to the Montseny. There are different train circuits made of wood, concrete, tree trunks, stones and tires, for all the levels (initiation, low, medium and professional). All these circuits are modified during the year.

The idea behind the project is that more than 100 students practice this gorgeous sport born in Catalunya, and that they do it in a natural environment spending a great time with their mates and the monitors of Trial Evolution.

We divide the groups by ages and levels. Each group has between 5 and 8 kids, always with the supervision of a monitor, and there are groups for all the ages, from 4 years old.

We offer too adult classes.


Jordi Yélamos


Track record:

(TRIAL BIKE) 6th cadet Generalitat Trophy 1990, 5th cadet Catalunya Championship, 2nd cadet Catalan Countries Trophy, 1st junior Catalunya Championship 1991, 1st junior Generalitat Trophy 1991, 1st junior Spain Championship 1991, 2nd elite Catalunya Championship 1992, 1st elite Catalunya Championship 1993, 4th elite World Championship 1994. Classic Trial Champion 2011 and 2012. (BTT) 4th elite Dual Slalom Spanish Championship 1997. (TRIAL MOTORBIKE) 1st veterans open Catalunya of trial 2003 y 2006.