Summer Camp


We are close to the summer, so Trial Evolution is already preparing the Summer Camp.

Last year was really succesful: We had fun, formation, coexistence, loads of trial… This year we will have the same activities and some novelties.

During the campus we will stay in Sant Pere de Vilamajor and we will train in Sant antoni de Vilamajor, in the Trial Evolution facilities.

  • Limited to

    30 attendants

  • Book your place by email

WEEKS 2018

From Monday, July the 9th

Til Sunday, July the 15th

Start: 18:00 h
Pick up: 12:00 h

+ than 7 years old
Federal license

Where we will stay: The camp residence will be placed in Sant Pere de Vilamajor, in the Casa Rural de Can Verdaguer: a 500sqm farmhouse with a 4500sqm garden. In this open air space we will have different wood constructions to train and we will have different led activities

Where we will train: The daily training will be done in the Trial Evolution facilities, in Sant Antoni de Vilamajor, but two days we are going to go training outside, one at Sant Llorenç sa vall (La clau) i another one at the mountain, around the farmhouse. There is a bike path for the travels between the farmhouse and the Trial Evolution facilities.

Activities: We will spend the morning training at Trial Evolution, with one monitor for each 5 riders. In the afternoon, at the farmhouse, there will be balance games, coordination games in groups, English lessons, mechanical, Trial theory lessons with audiovisual support, muscle stretching…

Where we will eat:

We will have lunch at the Restaurant El rebostdelsGuiu in Sant Antoni de Vilamajor, and dinner at the farmhouse with a catering service from the same restaurant. We will have too an early breakfast at the farmhouse, another mid-morning breakfastat Trial Evolution and a snack during the afternoon at the farmhouse.


Video summer camp 2014

Video Campus 2013